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Ferdie Darmawan | Best Selling Author of “Investor Sibuk”

“Willy goes well beyond getting a nice clear shot. He is a gifted photographer who has depth of experience and creative insight. Such an honour for me to know that my photos are taken by a finalist of International Photo Face Off competition. I enjoy working with him and can’t wait for another project in the future.” 


Ferdie Darmawan, CFP®, QWP®, AEPP®
Best Selling Author of “Investor Sibuk”
Financial Planning & Passive Income Consultant

Darma & Syane

We've known Willy for a while now, even my sister's wedding pictures were taken by Willy.  So when we got married in Bali, we didn't hesitate to appoint Willy as our photographer.  One thing we really like from Willy is that he's always able to take great pictures without having to direct our poses so everything looks really natural...  Because in weddings, beautiful moments can't be repeated and Willy always capture those moments beautifully..  Two thumbs up for you.

Vetalia Pribadi

Have been knowing Willy Lesmana as a great close relative comes with a lot of goodness. One of the most  precious one and certainly came as a surprise to me  is his photography talent. His spirit, vision and eyes both for great photography and videography are inevitable. You can see them 99.9% in every of his pieces, that he undoubtedly works through a true passion. The photos contain stories, use bold of different angles and added with his unique editing taste that make his snaps are powerful, almost like creating history.

I am so thankful of having somebody like him as a photographer. It has definitely ensured me that I won't miss any of my beautiful moments to be captured on camera.


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