2nd Place Winner Architecture ST. ANDREAS KIM TAEGON Church 2017

During this time parishes or stations in Indonesia were named after the names of saints from Europe.

But a church station in the Archdiocese of Jakarta - part of the Parish of St. James Kelapa Gading - is dedicated specifically to the memory of St. Andreas Kim Tae-gon (1821-1846) who was the first native priest in Korea. This became the first church in Indonesia whose protector was not a European saint or saint.

St Andeas Church Kim Tae Gon was inaugurated by Jakarta Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo on September 20 in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, to coincide with the feast of St. Andreas Kim Taegon, St Paul Chong Hasang and his friends.

The Mass of the inauguration was led by Msgr Suharyo accompanied by Mgr Son Hee-Song, Bishop of Auxilier Soul, South Korea. 

Last year, the Jakarta Archdiocese sent a letter to Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung from Seoul to express his desire to present a parish to St. Andrew Kim and requested that relics be sent. Seoul Archdiocese sent an October relic last year to Jakarta.

Church of St. Andreas Kim Tae-gon can accommodate around 2,400 people. The church has a three meter high gate that has 24 wooden paintings that showcase the life of the saint. In front of the church stood a statue of the martyr wearing a traditional Korean hat made of bamboo and horsehair.

Bishop Son said that St. Andreas Kim connected Korea and Indonesia. 

"Indonesia's Independence Day was August 17, 1945. Exactly 100 years earlier, on August 17, 1845, Father Andrew Kim was ordained a priest," Bishop Son said. "We are all families under the Catholic faith," he added. 

According to Archbishop Suharyo the history of martyrdom in Korea has much in common with the history of persecution and martyrdom in Indonesia.

He hopes that the spirit of Korean laypeople who embrace Catholicism without foreign missionaries and who form priests who become saints is a good example for Indonesian Catholics. 

Before the inauguration of the church, the church's social communication team held Church of St. Andreas Kim Tae-gon architectural photo contest, and this is the result of the photo contest which I were compete that time.

Announcement and distribution of prizes for the winners was held on Sunday, October 8, 2017 after Holy Mass at 09.00 at the Church of St. Andreas Kim Taegon, by the competition committee along with Father Aloysius Hadi Nugroho, Pr.