Photo Face Off Redemption (2018) - 1 Hour Special Episode

Every season of PHOTO FACE-OFF results in one winner and many more disappointed contestants. Now, 4 contestants who didn’t quite make it to the top will have another chance to redeem themselves, as they fight to become the champion of this special 1-hour edition PHOTO FACE-OFF.

After an online poll, viewers got to decide and select the past contenders from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam for this second chance, where they’ll be flown to Taipei for three of PHOTO FACE-OFF’s toughest challenges.

I was chosen to be one of the participants again after winning the vote to defeat Agus Nonot Supriyanto who was also from Indonesia.



In this special, we feature three fiendish photo challenges - Speed, Theme and Face-Off - all designed to push the contestant’s skill, knowledge and creativity to the limit.

In the Speed Challenge, contestants travel to the hills of north Taiwan, Houtong Cat Village. There, ignoring the old adage to never work with children or animals, they must take a picture of a cat that would warm the coldest of hearts. In the Theme Challenge, contestants go to Taipei’s famous shopping district, Ximending, to take a fashion photograph of a passerby. Last and definitely not least, in the Face-Off Challenge, contestants must take a heroic shot of the Taipei City Fire Department’s firemen in training.





 With all representatives of Photo Face Off Redemption


With Photo Face Off Redemption Host  Kelly Latimer and Pro Justin Mott



With the Host and All Final Judges of Photo Face Off Redemption

Justin Mott - Me - Kelly Latimer - Jijo De Guzman - Maggie Sung


Putting the snap back into photography – Asia’s leading photo-competition show returns, sharper and more colourful than ever before! 

Catch the 1-hour special, PHOTO FACE-OFF: Redemption on History Channel Asia.