Discussion and Workshop Landscape Photography - "Unpublised" Kompas Photography Festival 2017

"Unpublished" - Kompas Photography Festival 2017

Of the many number of photographs produced by journalistic photographers, only a few of them are posted on the printed pages of mass media. The Kompas Photography Festival 2017 will bring back works that did not have time to air in Kompas because of various reasons, including page limitations, incompatibility with news layouts, and editorial considerations that pay attention to appropriateness, security, and confidentiality.

However, the photos are still journalistic works that photograph an event, which in addition is linked to the context of the event but also touches the audience's emotional involvement. "Unpublished" was chosen as a major theme for the first time the activity was held.

100 photos, out of 560 photos in the book Unpublished (Kompas Book Publishers, 2014), have been strictly selected by the exhibition and book curators, Jay Subyakto and John Suryaatmadja, to be exhibited at this festival.

A number of photographers participated in the exhibition, including: Agus Susanto, Alif Ichwan, Arbain Rambey, Bahana Patria Gupta, Danu Kusworo, Eddy Hasby, Ferganata Indra Riatmoko, Hendra A. Setiawan, Heru Sri Kumoro, Iwan Setiyawan, Johnny TG, Lasti Kurnia , Lucky Pransiska, P. Raditya Mahendra Yasa, Priyombodo, Raditya Helabumi, Riza Fathoni, Rony Ariyanto Nugroho, Totok Wijayanto, Wawan H. Prabowo, Wisnu Widiantoro and Yuniadhi Agung. Photographs of their works will be coupled with 20 photographs of Kompas journalists' works from 1965. The photographs of the archive were selected from about two million photos of Kompas archives in analog form, which currently, some of them, are being moved into digital form (digitization).

In addition to the photo exhibition, this festival also scheduled a series of activities including book review "Unpublished", photography discussions and workshops in various genres journalistic photography, street photography, travel photography, and more.

In this event I was trusted and got the opportunity to share and discuss about landscape photography representing the JPC - Jakarta Photo Club.